Monday, September 1, 2008


Success is a matter of talent and opportunity but, much more, of concentration and perseverance.
When you have set the real goal before you next step is to make adequate preparation for it's achievement. Until and unless you acquire the necessary education, training or experience to give you the know-how you cannot achieve your goal.
Since most of us go through life without a goal, without any purpose, without having any specific objective, we do not care to acquire specialized education. The result is what we live, a purposeless and aimless life.
Now you can very well realize that those who succeeded not only had their cherished goal before them but they also developed the necessary qualifications for it's achievement. Every person who aspire to be successful first educates himself to be able to pursue his specific goal.
However education does not mean simply book learning but also the development of personality, leadership, sociability and a sensitivity to discriminate between the true and false values of life and the ability to imbibe those which lead to harmony and happiness.
You may have chosen your goal. you may have even planned out and prepared yourself with a view to achieving the goal. You may have good health to a still you may not make any progress toward your goal because you may not enough drive to work for your goal. Actually, success is accomplishing something. It is activity in the right direction...... .

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